Our Global Team

Bringing together professionals from many cultures with varied work experiences and perspectives
With interconnectivity bringing the world closer together more than ever, we are searching for the best new teammates from all over the world.
Kelly Davis
Co-founder & Director of Education
Heidi van Heerden
Teacher & Language Practitioner
Sammy Nyakabau
STEM Tutor
Kristen Montesano
Nanodegree Teacher
Yhosemar Mendez
Teacher & Product Manager
Elia Yaremchuk
Nanodegree Teacher
Senka Lazarevic Reynolds
Teacher & Moderator
Lizz Quain
Onboarding Director
Mareile Paley
Event Director
Daniel Prince
Partnership Manager
David Ruchman
Nanodegree Teacher
Vlad Stan
Co-founder & CEO