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As added value to your children’s membership in the Galileo Book Club, you will receive a bonus membership to our Society for parents who want to raise their children outside of traditional classroom walls.
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Prepare your kids for the Future

We designed Galileo Society for parents who understand the future is different and a traditional education for our children is no longer a good option. We plan to launch many services to help all of our kids become well-prepared and successful global citizens.

Opt Out from the Traditional Education Model

We want Galileo to be the alternative for traditional education, and we encourage you to consider homeschooling or unsschooling your kids.

Peter Gray, Ph.D., Research Professor at Boston College and Author of Free to Learn

We are aiming towards a more positive outcome
A higher quality education
Our kids actually love learning this way
They can learn at their own pace and in the ways they learn best
Ability to support a child with different abilities ie. a highly gifted child or one with learning disabilities
Our kids can follow the passions and topics that interest them
Creativity and imagination are nurtured and celebrated
Improved confidence and mental health
Improved social interactions by meeting up with other like-minded families in person or online
Ability to educate children during a family relocation or while traveling or worldschooling
Ability to teach your children your family’s values, not those of the school or government
Improves our relationship with our kids. Life is about relationships, not test scores!
Results in more free-thinking future workers, creators, professionals and entrepreneurs.
They are more able to fulfill their potential
We want to make a change from a negative school environment
Over-testing, competitive and “rigorous” academic environments
A ridiculous volume of homework and busy work
Forced to learn things of little interest or are even applicable in today’s world
Traditional model’s aim is to educate future obedient office and factory workers
Bullying, increases in depression and anxiety and an overall negative social environment
Trauma from authoritarian teachers and school districts
Schools kill creativity

Surround Yourself with Supportive and Like-minded Parents

Few gain real success in life, without the support of others. Peer-to-peer connections are a vital source of social support for parents and their learners who are not in traditional school systems. Find your tribe through the various #channels in our society.
Relaxed / Eclectic Homeschoolers
For homeschoolers who learn in a variety of ways, whether it’s with a curriculum, classical, online or offline classes. Whether it’s parent-directed or taking into account the child’s interests.
Parents of kids
with special needs
One of the many reasons to leave the school system that isn’t built for all kids. You are not alone.
“Kids will learn what they need to learn when they need to learn it.” says every Unschooling parent. For families who like to discover the magic of exploring life in a self-directed manner, while learning each step of the way.
Whether you are on the road, at home, or in transition, worldschooling families can connect with their far-flung and globetrotting tribe and even meet up along the way. The world is our classroom!
A growing phenomenon. For those who use the power of the internet and technology to learn. Online courses, full curriculum, language studies and more! The possibilities are infinite.
Parents of teens
The adolescent period of development are defining years to guide teens towards maturity with a sense of self and purpose. At this stage, everyone wonders what's next, and how to better prepare the next generation for what's to come.

Learn from the Best

We’ve interviewed dozens of experts in education and learning. You’ll have access to these videos and find proven solutions on how to design the best learning environment for your family.

From finding the right strategies to equip your kids to get a college degree, to helping them gain the knowledge and skills to get a well paying job, to preparing your children to fulfill their unique purposes in life, we have it all covered here.

Vocational Path
Acquire proven strategies to help your kids get ready for the jobs of the future.
Academic Path
Not sure if in 10 years, traditional colleges will be still relevant, but just in case, we have strategies to help your child transform life experiences into academic credits and get into college.

A Library of Master Classes on Parenting and Education At Your Fingertips

With about 40 hours of interviews and more to come in the future, our experts are here for you. The Galileo Society is like having your own personal parenting library.
Children too young

If you have children under 8 years old and therefore too young for our current book club, and you would like to be part of Galileo Society, please schedule a meeting with us and see what we can do for you. We have other learning projects for kids in the works and would love to hear from you.

We’ll get there together

It's a long process to help prepare our kids to fulfill their unique purposes in life. No matter the path we take, it’s only natural to be concerned about our children’s future.

Let’s enjoy the journey, keep an eye on the end goal and tackle the problems we face along the way together.
What should a day in the life of a learner look like? What are the things they have to learn and what are the topics they can save for later? It's all here.
How do we help our kids socialize if they don't go to school? How can we overcome this obstacle and help them connect with other kids living the same lifestyle? We can help.
Time Required
Many of us have careers and busy lives so we aren’t always available to facilitate our children’s education for hours on end. We know it’s important but how do we make it happen? There are many strategies and some of them require minimal time from the parent. We can help you figure this out.

Family Pressure
Many of us are experiencing pressure from extended family and friends (or even our spouse) to stick to the traditional way of educating and parenting our kids. But we know there is a better way. It can be difficult to handle judgment and pressure from others. You are not alone and with the help of the Galileo community, you’ll be supported and encouraged to continue on this enlightened path.
College Admission
Do your children want to attend college? Many homeschoolers and unschoolers do with terrific outcomes. We’ll help you learn strategies to transform your children’s learning and life experiences into academic credits so they can get into college.

Discover the Best Learning Resources for Your Kids

We continuously research, discover and curate the latest tools and platforms kids can use to improve their education. We’ll share our findings with you.

Connect and Create Meaningful Relationships

Our goal is to create meaningful relationships and build a worldwide tribe of like-minded families. Please join us!
Our Onine Meetups

How it works

Connect with your tribe regularly
We use Slack for day-to-day conversations and Zoom for regular online meetings. If we decide to meet in person, we’ll organize some awesome in-person retreats.
Get access to all our video interviews
We currently have more than 40 hours of interviews with world-class experts who participated in our earlier Homeschooling Global Summit. You can have access to all of them. We’ll continue to interview four more experts every month and build up a large library of master class interviews for our members.
Participate in our weekly meetups
Every week, you can meet other like-minded families from all over the world to discuss homeschooling, unschooling and other non-traditional learning methods.
All metings are via Zoom
We encourage everyone to join all our meetings using video so we can get to know each other better and create deeper connections. It’s the next best thing to meeting in real life!
Create a peer group
In addition to our weekly meetups, we encourage you to suggest a peer or support group regarding a topic of interest that will meet once a month to discuss their experiences. We’ll help you set this up.
Improve your Child’s Education
In the end, we all want the best for our kids. We want to make sure they have the knowledge, skills,wisdom and experiences they need to fulfill their unique purposes in life. Our mission at Galileo is to help all parents reach this goal.
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Why do you use Slack and not Facebook?

Facebook is great but can be an enormous distraction. You log on and start a conversation in a group then end up watching cat videos for an hour =D. Also there are many limitations to Facebook’s platform and who knows what they are doing with the data they collect by your activity. We want to be more efficient, personal and private. We use Slack to communicate in writing and Zoom for video meetups. You’ll love connecting with other members in this more focused and personal manner.

What is a Peer Group

Once you join our society, we encourage you to participate in and organize peer or support groups. These groups are up to six families and can be formed, for example, because you want to talk with people with same interest or you speak the same language or you live in the same part of the world.

Who are the experts

Our experts are experienced parents who have been doing this for a long time and/or those with a background in pedagogy. They understand the importance of having a scientific approach to education.
Have a Questions?
Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.
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As long as students are enrolled in the Galileo Book Club, parents can be in our Society for no additional charge.

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. A succesfull business owner never stops learning. They educate themselves on the things they need to learn, and they never stop growing. They never arrive at a certain point ant think, ahhh... now I don't need to learn anymore.
Jim Rohn