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We combine self-directed learning, project based learning, a community of global classmates and lots of guidance and inspiration from our encouraging teachers to create the best kind of education out there.

Meet Michael

Michael is an enthusiastic 16-year-old who lives in Seattle. He has been homeschooled for the past 7 years and joined Galileo in September 2019.

He’s passionate about computer science, math, English, and especially captivated by entrepreneurship. He is also motivated to improve his language fluency in Spanish. He’s exploring several different future entrepreneurial ideas using his foreign language and technology skills.

Take a look at his weekly schedule. Michael strives for a well-rounded and academically-focused learning plan in case he decides to apply to university, but his current desire is to launch his own global tech business.

Meet Brianne

Brianne is an 11-year-old student from Austria, currently living in Portugal. German is her mother tongue and she speaks English as a second language.

She is an extroverted and eloquent learner and passionate about art, dancing, and swimming.

Her parents started homeschooling her one year ago. Since then, they've been using Galileo to help Brianne self-direct her learning journey.

Take a look at her weekly schedule. Her learning plan is focused on finding her interests and passions. She is also enrolled with the umbrella school West River Academy to receive transcripts if she were to apply to University. Brianne’s schedule fits well with her regular weekly activities.

Screen Time With Meaning

Daily online fun and engaging learning experiences facilitated by our world-class teachers.
The Daily Check-ins
Check-ins help students to keep themselves accountable for their self-directed learning as well as build community with their classmates. They get the opportunity to share their learning discoveries and inspire their peers. Inspired by daily scrum meetings, a process used by high performing tech companies to maintain accountability and motivate day-to-day progress among teams. Check-ins are held in small groups of 4-8 students who meet daily, Monday to Friday.
Math and Coding Clubs
In Galileo’s teacher-led clubs, students regularly attend math club and coding club and have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss challenges specific to their self-directed learning progress throughout the week. Meet Galileo's Math & Coding tutor Sammy Nyakabau sharing more details about these clubs' activities
The Book Club
During the weekly Book Club meetings, students meet with teachers to dive deeper into the book of the month. With the help of our teachers, students gain a broader perspective and are guided through complex questions and engaging activities in response to their reading.
The Nanodegrees
Galileo nanodegrees are one to two month project-based learning experiences, designed for students to have a real world engaging experience and create a meaningful project. Recent topics have included Coding with Scratch, Food Innovation, Negotiation, 3D Printing, Virology and Entrepreneurship. Students have the chance to collaborate, communicate, solve problems and use critical thinking skills to complete different activities. Take a sneak peek at one of our sessions.

Nothing is mandatory and everything is inspirational

Every week we organize clubs, nanodegrees and other activities to introduce students to new and interesting topics. This is what in the self-directed community is called “strewing”. Then students can pick and choose what they want to participate in.

Watch our Q&A session and get all your questions answered

The Best Learning Platforms

We are constantly searching for and curating the best educational platforms for our students. These are just a few of the best platforms we recommend at this time.

With Your Children's Future in Mind, We Have Created Four Paths

Some will want to become entrepreneurs, others will want to become artists, freelancers or get into online work. And some will want to enter the traditional education system and apply to a university. Whatever they choose, we will work with them to help them achieve their learning goals.

Tech Entrepreneurs

At age 16, we will work with them to get ready to apply to the most important tech accelerators in the world or get ready to raise money from various investors. Instead of paying for their education, they can get investors to fund their ideas and create amazing businesses.

Creatives & Freelancers

Everything we do is to inspire our students to become creators, not mere consumers. We believe that no matter what path one is on, being creative is a fundamental skill. Students with artistic and creative aspirations will be mentored by professionals to strengthen both their creative and business skills so they can build a thriving creative career or freelance business.

Digital Makers

The jobs of the future will require a high degree of tech skills. For students interested in careers such as software development, project management and digital marketing, we'll help them get ready to join programs such as Lambda School or Make School which will most likely result in landing a well paid job after they finish the program.

Apply to University

With the Galileo program and our partnership with West River Academy, students can apply to university. We will help them get ready for the SAT or ACT exams and help them prepare impressive transcripts with everything they've learned with us. Having a unique background and great examination scores can help our students get accepted into prestigious universities in the US, Canada and UK. Even some of the European ones.

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