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Galileo is the new innovative self-directed online school for students aged 8-18 who are worldschoolers, homeschoolers and/or unschoolers from all over the world.

Get Your Children
Ready for the Future

Many of the different types of jobs and businesses in the not-too-distant future have not yet been invented. How does one prepare for that? We are here to help your children spark their curiosity, discover incredible learning avenues and become self-directed learners for life. This way they can be ready for whatever comes their way.

Developing a mindset of an entrepreneur enables a child to grow up to be more than just a passive consumer. See your child become the producer the future needs. It’s more important than ever to gain entrepreneurial skills, build experience and better understand what it takes to become your own boss.
Coding and Robotics
Your kids will learn how to create technology, not only how to use it. Understanding how to communicate with machines will be one of the most important skills of the future.
Math & Science
The foundational skills of math and science are deeply rooted into all STEM jobs. Your child will discover the best way to learn math and science and how it can be applied across all careers.
The Love for Reading
Nurturing a love of reading enables learners of all ages to stimulate their imagination and expand their understanding of the world around them. Reading is the best way to develop language, listening and storytelling skills.
Raising Global Citizens
Diversity in their everyday learning, working with classmates and teachers from all over the world, as well as exposure to different cultures, traditions, and practices, will help your children learn how to work and interact with all kinds of communities and concepts. This experience will help them gain a more sophisticated, open-minded and international perspective.
Foreign Languages
Learning a foreign language will sharpen your child’s mind and double the opportunities in their education, career, business, travels and ability to make friends around the world. It also helps them improve their listening skills in order to become more empathetic. This encourages children to develop emotional intelligence too.

The most flexible schedule

We designed Galileo for modern active families who want a self-directed education for their children, aged 8-18, with a flexible schedule that gives them the freedom to live their lives and travel as they wish. We are open year round. Families can take breaks whenever they wish.

So what are our students saying about Galileo?

Listen to our students Raquel and Anna interview each other about what they like about Galileo.
"We have to personalize education, not standardize it."
Sir Ken Robinson

Self-Directed Education

There is more and more evidence showing that self-directed learning is more effective in developing intelligent, well-rounded, engaged, curious and happy humans who never lose the love of learning than the traditional school method. View this video from one of our teachers, Kristen, explaining why she thinks self-directed learning is the future and the best way to educate students.
The freedom to choose what you want to learn
The freedom to choose how you want to design your daily schedule.

The Benefits of Self-Directed Learning

Self-directed learning opens new opportunities for your children and exposes them to a broader range of interests than is possible in a typical school. Self-directed learning promotes confidence, initiative and perseverance, and this is the best way to achieve the highest satisfaction in life.

A day in the life of our students

Self-directed learning is rooted in the application of skills: thinking skills, research skills, self-management skills, social skills and communication skills. Our students work on all these skills during their daily check-ins.

The Power of Soft Skills

They may be called “soft,' but they are remarkably powerful. With Galileo, your kids will do much more than exploring their favorite topics.
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Online Collaboration
This is not an ordinary online school. Your children will meet with peers from all over the world, create valuable learning engagements, discuss their opinions, share their discoveries and create projects together. With the help of our teachers, they will collaborate on STEM and creative projects.
Complex Problem Solving
With Galileo, your child will learn how to have the mental flexibility to think outside of the box, see the big picture, and reorder ideas to find a solution.
Public Speaking
Our students present to their classmates something they have discovered in their learning every few weeks.
Your children will thank you when they are grown for encouraging their love of learning. They will discover countless ideas from a wide variety of topics which will spur their imagination.

So what are parents saying?

Our mission is to enhance each of our student's self-directed learning journey. But how does it work? Check out what parents have to say.
Galileo has given my kids motivation to do more schoolwork than they were just by having accountability to someone other than their parents. They are becoming more familiar with technology and more comfortable with presenting to their peers.
Caroline Bergman - Entrepreneur

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