The Book Club to Expand
Your Child's Horizons

Through brilliant books and the support of our world-class teachers, we’ll help your kids discover and nurture their passion for reading, find meaning in literature and become global citizens.

An intellectual journey for tweens and teens

Meet online once a week in a guided and safe learning space to discuss the monthly book with new friends from all over the world.

Help Your Kids Become
Tech-Savvy Global Citizens

We use Zoom, Basecamp and our proprietary software to offer you and your children an outstanding experience and the ability to connect with children from all over the world. All of our meetings are online, interactive, and engaging. You just need a device connected to the internet, a good web cam and a microphone - then you're all set!
Mix and Match
Your child can now make friends all over the world. Our Mix and Match weekly events will help build friendships with kids from different cultures with similar interests and passions.
Guided Weekly Class
To help your children develop critical thinking, our teachers will guide them to reflect on what they have read. Together, we will explore different perspectives and relationships throughout the book.
The Grand Debate
Becoming a great public speaker doesn’t happen overnight, and while it may come easy for some, it can be extremely difficult for others. Book debates are a great way to help your child develop this skill.
Recommended Books
We will invite accomplished entrepreneurs, artists and heroes to share the books that changed their lives. And even more powerful, your child can participate and ask questions in real time.
Author of the Month
Each month we will present a new book to read. At the end of the month, we will meet the author of the book and discuss what we’ve read.
Discovering Science
Each week we will invite a scientist to talk about books that will help us love science. Of course your child can participate and ask questions in real time.

Now Screen Time Has Meaning

One hour a week, online, fun and engaging learning experiences facilitated by world-class teachers.
Event NameFrequencyType
Guided Weekly ClassWeekly - After SchoolOnline Class
Reading and Learning TipsWeeklyVideo or Text
Recommended BooksEvery MonthLecture
The Grand Debate - ModeratedMonthlyMeetup
Moderated Conversations on ChatDailyChat/Text

Books We Love

Let books help your children expand their horizons, spark their inner passion for reading, practice expressing their opinions, discover other cultures and make new friends.

The Best Way to Develop Their Soft Skills

They may be called “soft”, but they are remarkably powerful. With Galileo Book Club, your kids will do much more than merely debating about their favorite stories or sharing their favorite characters with like-minded people.
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Online Collaboration
This is not an ordinary book club. Your kids will meet people from all over the world, participate in debates, create reading projects together, and with the help of our teachers, start collaborative writing projects.
Complex Problem Solving
With books, your child will learn how to have the mental flexibility to think outside of the box, see the big picture, and reorder ideas to find a solution.
Public Speaking
Our weekly, facilitated workshops are a great way to start practicing expression of opinions and presenting them in a coherent and engaging way. Your children will express their personal opinion, while respectfully tolerating the viewpoints of others.
Improving Language
Whether or not your children are native English speakers, this is a fantastic way to improve their language, always guided by our teachers.
Your children will thank you when they are grown for encouraging their love of reading. They will discover countless ideas from such a wide variety of topics which will spur their imagination.

A Safe Space for Students

Galileo Book Club is moderated by our teachers and facilitators to make sure we create a safe environment for all students. No cyberbullying.
Kelly Davis
Education Director
Senka Lazarevic Reynolds
Teacher & Moderator
Heidi van Heerden
Teacher & Moderator

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Read great books and make new friends from all over the world.

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"Books are something social - a writer speaking to a reader - so I think making the reading of a book the center of a social event, the meeting of a book club, is a brilliant idea."
Yann Martel