Online Bookclub
for Teens

Weekly online book clubs are created to help you develop your passion for reading, study, reasoning, and communicating, guided by world-class teachers in small discussion groups.

Books can bring strangers together

Reading increases our ability to understand and express our own identity, while also providing ownership for our own perspective. As club members, you will establish connections to books together and gain a better insight into the world view of others. You will open the path to start new friendships.
Join our community
When you join a book club community you are dedicated to becoming a life long learner.
Make new Friends
One of the best ways to meet others is to find hobby you are passionate about. Passion for reading or even a passion for exploring a particular kind of book.
Reflect Together
Open conversations with world-class authors, entrepreneurs or artists to help you find and develop your superpowers.
Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting.
Edmund Burke

Who will benefit from our Book Clubs?

Unschoolers and Homeschoolers
The connections with others will be priceless for someone who is unschooled or homeschooled. This is the best way to make friends with similar passions. They can be your friends for life.
Non Native English Speakers
If your first language is not English or your parents are non-native English speakers, you will benefit from building familiarity with extracting, summarizing, and discussing in English.
Teens Preparing for Exams
Reading will help preparation for any exam - reading a novel will benefit your vocabulary and reading A Wrinkle in Time, will strengthen your imagination.
Voracious Readers
The voracious reader will enhance their independent reading practices and develop and articulate both their critical and imaginative thinking.

The Best Way to Develop Your Soft Skills

They may be called “soft”, but they are remarkably powerful. With Galileo Book Club you can do so much more than merely enjoying your arguments about your favorite stories or sharing your favorite characters with like-minded people.
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Online Collaboration
This is not an ordinary book club. You will meet people from all over the world, participate in book-led debates, create reading projects together, and with the help of our teachers even you can start writing collaborative projects.
Complex Problem Solving
With books you can learn how to have the mental flexibility to think outside of the box, see the bigger picture, and reorder ideas to find a solution.
Public Speaking
Our weekly facilitated workshops are a great way to start practicing expression of your opinions and presenting them in a coherent and engaging way. You can express your personal opinion, while respectfully tolerating the viewpoint of others.
Improving your Language
Whether or not you are a native English speaker or not, this is a perfect way to improve your language, always guided by our teachers.
Your future you will thank you for spending so much time reading and discovering ideas from so many different topics in today's world.

A Bookclub Designed for the 21st Century

During every meeting our teachers will enable Socratic discussions to strengthen critical thinking.

The Power of the Internet
at your Fingertips

We use Zoom, Slack and our proprietary software to offer you an outstanding experience. All of our meetings are online, interactive, and engaging. You will need a device connected to the internet and a good video camera- then you're all set.
Mix and Match
You can now make friends all over the world. Our Mix and Match weekly events will help you build friendships with people from different cultures with similar interest and passions.
Guided Weekly Class
To help you develop critical thinking, the teacher will guide you to reflect on what you have read. Together, we will explore different perspectives and relationships throughout the book.
The Grand Debate
Becoming a good public speaker does not always happen overnight, and while it may come easy for some students, it can be extremely difficult for others. Book debates are the best way to help you develop this skill.
Recommended Books
We will invite accomplished entrepreneurs, artists or heroes to share the books that changed their lives. And even more powerful, you can participate and ask questions in real time.
The Author of the Month
Every month we will present a new book to read. At the end of the month, we will meet the author of the book and discuss what you've read.
Discovering Science
Every week we invite a scientist to talk about the books that will make us love science. Of course this is real time and you can participate.

Now Screen Time Has Meaning

Up to 20 hours of real time, fun and engaging learning experiences facilitated by world-class teachers.
Event Name Frequency Type
Mix and Match - Find your international reading pals Weekly Meetup
Guided Weekly Class - Up to 10 People Weekly Class
The Author of the Month Monthly Lecture
Recommended Books - Special Guest Twice a Month Lecture
Discovering Science - Special Guest Twice a Month Lecture
The Grand Debate - Moderated Monthly Meetup
Moderated conversations on Slack Daily Chat/Text

Book clubs are where an author can identify and connect to their niche readers. Through interviews, you will gain insight into who your audience is, in a deeper way.

Books We Love

Let books help you expand your horizons, spark your inner passion for reading, practice expressing your opinions, discover other cultures and make new friends.
"Books are something social - a writer speaking to a reader - so I think making the reading of a book the center of a social event, the meeting of a book club, is a brilliant idea."
Yann Martel

A Safe Space for Students

The Galileo Book Club is moderated by our teachers and facilitators to make sure we create a safe environment for you. No cyberbullying.
Emilie Carriere
Teacher & Moderator
Kelly Davis
Teacher & Moderator
Senka Lazarevic Reynolds
Teacher & Moderator
Heidi van Heerden
Teacher & Moderator

Invest in Yourself

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Join our community on Slack and get unlimited access to all meetups.
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Add unlimited access to our lectures and an extra weekly guided class with our world-class teachers.
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Add unlimited extra workshops designed to improve your writing and your foreign languages.
  • Access to our Slack community
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  • Access to our Slack community
  • Access to all our meetups
  • Access to all our lectures
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  • Atelier Introduction to Mandarin

If you want to teach any style of writing, grammar, or can help kids learn new languages and you are willing to work with us, let us know.

There is no friend as loyal as a book.
Ernest Hemingway